Mum slammed for accusing neighbours of trying to eavesdrop on her conversations

A mum has been blasted online for assuming her new neighbours are listening to her conversations because they put up a gazebo next to the fence that separates their gardens

We all like to have our own personal space, but one woman has sparked a debate by complaining about how her neighbours use their own garden.

The mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable by getting upset with her new neighbours who moved in a few months ago.

She explained the neighbours have placed climbing plants next to the fence that separates their gardens, and claimed they are now causing damage to the property.

She wrote in her post: “New neighbours moved in a couple of months ago. They have a large garden which backs on to our smaller garden, which is divided by our fence and trellis.

“When we moved in, six years ago, we spent ages clearing ivy which had spread into our garden but have noticed it is now growing back through our fence and forcing the slats apart. They have also planted what looks to be a clematis which is growing up our fence.

“I will be telling them to remove their climbing plants from our fence as it’s quite an old fence and if it’s supporting plants it will soon fall down.”

What’s more, the woman also believes her neighbours are “listening” to her conversations, as she claims they are always outside “digging and planting” when the woman and her family are enjoying their own outside space.

She added: “We have a gazebo in our garden which is near to the fence and whenever we sit out, they are digging and planting just the other side of the fence and listening to our conversations.

“They have just now erected a gazebo right next to the fence where we have our barbecue.

“I realise it’s their garden and they can do what they like, but as it’s a big garden why do they have to have everything right next to ours?”

The woman was slammed by other Mumsnet users for her post, with many taking to the forum to explain her neighbours can do whatever they like on their own property.

One wrote: “It’s their garden; they can do whatever they want in it and plant whatever they want.”

While another pointed out her hypocrisy, and added: “Why is your gazebo near the fence? Is it perhaps because it’s your garden and you can place a gazebo anywhere you like?”

However, one user did their best to offer a solution to the problem, stating: “Paint the fence with weedkiller, light the barbecue whenever you want, and put some music on at a low volume if you don’t want to feel like people are hanging on your every word. Does that help at all?”